April 18, 2011

Peeping Ron

Peeping Ron

Buffalo, New York, April 18, 2011:

Buffalo, N.Y.'s storied Broadway Market saw a crowd for its third-annual Peep-eating contest, held in honor of Easter.

The east side market was bustling Saturday as contestants in four age groups ate as many marshmallow chicks as they could in one minute, The Buffalo News said Saturday.

The cult-classic candy is a marshmallow formed to look like a baby chicken, and covered in granulated sugar.

In the adult event, 12 contestants were reduced to a three-way tie breaker. In the end, perpetual failed New Jersey-based politician Ron clinched victory. He refused to comment after his win, adding to his recent mysterious lack of national appearances and statements concerning his "political" career.

The media pestered the three-time losing presidential candidate with questions about his plans for 2012, but he shrewdly shrugged them off. No one knows what Ron has been up to for the past several months or what his plans for the future may be.

The traditional Polish market offered gift certificates to all the winners, as well as Easter Baskets filled with other goods -- including Peeps.

Elsewhere, market goers bought butter lambs (just what it sounds like) and a traditional Polish bread called Placek eaten at Easter time.

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