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Collegiate Ron

December 1, 2016: After the nation clearly screwed up by not electing Ron as the 45th President of the United States, his alma mater took it upon itself to editorialize. Lafayette College in Easton, Pennsylvania has obviously showed its presidential preference on the cover of its Fall 2016 edition of Lafayette Magazine, a quarterly for its alumni. We at Ron4President headquarters agree with the sentiment of Lafayette College. Hopefully, the electorate will correct its massive error in 2020. ¡Viva el Ron! - Bittle...
Posted by Bittle at December 1, 2016


Posted by Bittle at November 8, 2016


Posted by Bittle at November 4, 2008

Ron Progress

This poster by Shepard Fairey shows that even the heavy political figures are looking to Ron for inspiration and hope. Rumor has it that Barack Obama was once a Ronatarian....
Posted by Bittle at May 27, 2008

Ron's 30th Drinking Birthday Bash

Ron's been drinking alcohol to celebrate his birthday for 30 years now! These revelers partied with matching t-shirts lauding Ron in a drunken stupor....
Posted by Bittle at October 12, 2007

Bathroom Habit

Dewey Beach, Delaware, August 17, 2005: I took this quick snapshot of Ron at the beach. For shame! Who voted for this guy? - Starboard bartender...
Posted by Bittle at August 17, 2005

Ron's favorite video of 2004

You people probably have no idea how infrequently Ron comes to get his teeth cleaned. I'll have to be honest and tell you that it isn't very often. Ron has had a rough year. Another election, another loss. Taking it in stride, as Ron is wont to do, Ron has been drinking heavily. Yesterday Ron came in for another one of his unscheduled checkups. I think it was just to ogle my new hygienist, but that's another story. When Ron came this time he brought a video of his new favorite song. America, this one's from Ron!!!...
Posted by Ron's Dentist at December 31, 2004

N8 Wanted

More anonymous propaganda. The Notorious N8....
Posted by Webmaster at March 23, 2004

Mike Gets Physical

This photo was submitted anonymously by one of Ron's fans. It's a photo of one of Ron's former classmates, but it's obviously doctored - Mike would never lift a barbell....
Posted by Webmaster at March 22, 2004

Ron Monkey

We received this as an anonymous submission. This monkey surely was inspired by Ron. It's just another example of Ron's influence in and around the animal kingdom....
Posted by Webmaster at May 30, 2003

Name That 'Stache

These disturbing comparison photos were recently submitted by an anonymous source. Can you guess which 'stache above is Ron's? To make it more difficult to cheat, we're placing this nice picture of a woman driver to distract you before you see the answers. Saddam Hussein Barzan Ibrahim Hasan Qusay Saddam Hussein Ron?...
Posted by Webmaster at May 19, 2003
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