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Ron on the Campaign Trail 2000

From this section you can follow Ron as he campaigns across the country. April April 29 & 30 Ronatarian Party Convention Jersey City, NJ "Ronatarian National Convention" - Article May May 14 Local Church Function Trenton, NJ Ron denounces Religion, but not Jesus May 19-21 Scotts-Tuber Fest 2000 Scottsdale, AZ "The Sticky Kilt Issue" - Article May 25 Retired Nurses Miami, FL Ron speaks on labor May 30 PGA Tour Winners Tampa, FL Ron talks on the Living Wage June June 3 Redneck Hall Mobile, AL Ron speaks on Gays and Lesbians June 5 French Quarter New Orleans, LA...
Posted by Webmaster at November 8, 2000

Ron Loses!

Ron held out until the bitter end thinking the media was just covering up all the states that he should have won. "Not even New Jersey voted for me," Ron proclaimed as he smashed an empty Heinekin bottle on the floor, "and I place the blame squarely on the f---ing media!" "Surely, Ron would have made a great impression on the American public if only they knew he existed," Ronatarian Vice President candidate Brad stated, "we're firing Steve Bittle as our publicist. He did absolutely nothing for our campaign." Bittle was unavailable for comment. After Ron's loss, he was...
Posted by Ron at November 8, 2000


San Jose, California: November 7, 2000 Ronatarian Party presidential candidate Ron and two of his aides were arrested after disrupting a Democratic rally on Monday night. Ron, campaign manager Ed Perrin, and "Ron Roadie" Mike Logothetis were cited for trespassing and resisting arrest Monday night, police Lt. Humphry Casanegro said. Democratic Senate incumbent Dianne Feinstein was giving a pro-Gore speech when the trio began yelling at her, police said. "I never saw nothing like it," said officer Seymore Butz. "The three of them started hooting and screaming obscenities. They also released a box full of the ones at...
Posted by Webmaster at November 7, 2000

Debate: Ron vs. Brad

Denver, CO: November 7, 2000 Ron and Brad squared off today in the first debate between President and Vice President candidates - ever. To rile things up, the media didn't even show up for the event, perhaps due to Ron and Brad's vehement abhorration towards the media due to lack of coverage in their campaign. The candidates were asked to answer each question in turn. The mediator was the young, vivacious Terry Hartzell. Terry: First question: tastes great, or less filling? Ron: Why the hell aren't there any camera men? What a bunch of suck bags! Are you telling...
Posted by Webmaster at November 7, 2000
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