Bob and Doug San Jose, California: November 7, 2000

Ronatarian Party presidential candidate Ron and two of his aides were arrested after disrupting a Democratic rally on Monday night.

Ron, campaign manager Ed Perrin, and "Ron Roadie" Mike Logothetis were cited for trespassing and resisting arrest Monday night, police Lt. Humphry Casanegro said.

Democratic Senate incumbent Dianne Feinstein was giving a pro-Gore speech when the trio began yelling at her, police said.

"I never saw nothing like it," said officer Seymore Butz. "The three of them started hooting and screaming obscenities. They also released a box full of the ones at the Olympics. Boy. those critters went nuts in the lights and caused a hell of a scene. We had to apprehend those wackos...the people, not the moths."

The three trouble-makers were released less than an hour later.

Ron said he and other Ronatarians are frustrated by the lack of media access they have had throughout the campaign.

"I think it's a sorry state for a democracy that third party candidates are so shut out and so frustrated by a lack of democracy that we have to do this kind of thing," Ron said. "I hope we brought some recognition and respect to our party and its goals."

Recognition yes. Respect no. The official police blotter described the three perpetrators as "uppity" and "smelly". Logothetis was "particularly stinky" and related his unsanitary condition to living in the Ron Tour Bus for the past 42 days campaigning all out for his candidate.

Perrin was clearly shaken by the trauma of running a full-out presidential campaign under his guidance. He kept asking for tweezers and mothballs while in his cell and screaming "Bonadio!" at random intervals.

Ron, for the most part, remained in control while incarcerated. His famous short fuse was lit by the local police department a couple of times, though. "He's got a heck of a mouth," commented Butz. "You'd never think he wasn't in politics."

Ron was excluded from last month's series of televised debates between Democrat Al Gore and Republican George W. Bush, though he actually boycotted the one debate in Charlotte, North Carolina. He has never quite recovered mentally or in the polls.

"I don't think because you put your name on the ballot you're given the automatic right to go and disrupt other peoples' campaign events," said Feinstein's campaign manager, Kam Kuwata.

"Oh, she said that, huh?" replied Ron when told of Feinstein's reaction. "I hope she takes a flying leap off the Golden Gate Bridge tomorrow when I win the office of President."

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