Debate: Ron vs. Brad

Decision 2000 Denver, CO: November 7, 2000

Ron and Brad squared off today in the first debate between President and Vice President candidates - ever. To rile things up, the media didn't even show up for the event, perhaps due to Ron and Brad's vehement abhorration towards the media due to lack of coverage in their campaign.

The candidates were asked to answer each question in turn. The mediator was the young, vivacious Terry Hartzell.

First question: tastes great, or less filling?

Why the hell aren't there any camera men? What a bunch of suck bags! Are you telling me that nobody's even going to hear this debate? The election's going to be over before anybody even hears about it!

I'd say tastes great, Terry.

Ron, would you like to retort?

Jesus Christ! What the hell are we wasting our time here for? The people are expecting me to fight Tyson tonight? I didn't even agree to it, it was set up by my dentist. If we miss our victory party tonight, I'm going to be pissed!

And Brad, your retort?

I'm sticking to "tastes great", Terry.

The debate was cut short when Ron left to catch his flight back to the east coast eager to celebrate his victory.

Certainly, the debate was a landmark in history, taking campaigning to a whole new level. "This will certainly set the standard for elections in years to come," Brad said after the debate was over.

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