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Charlotte's Web

Charlotte, North Carolina: September 5, 2000 Ron was stuck in the Charlotte, North Carolina airport for a night on a leg of his Seattle, WA to Anchorage, AK flight in early September. "I can't believe they would delay a presidential candidate's plane...even for precautionary maintenance. I've got to campaign!" he was heard screaming to the airport's TCBY store attendant. With the city's hotels filled for the weekend's tobacco-sponsored NASCAR event, Ron was, in his own words, "screwed". His staff needed beds. Ron needed a bed and a nightlight. Heretofore unbeknownst to Ron, a small group of travelers bypass not...
Posted by Webmaster at September 5, 2000

It Doesn't Take A Rocket Scientist

Brigham City, Utah: August 5, 2000 Ron campaigned today in Brigham City, Utah, near the site of railroad's Golden Spike. A spike made possible by slave and prison labor. He blasting the modern corporate prison industry as well as the Clinton Administration and George W. Bush for encouraging its growth. International corporation Alcoa operates a 3,000-inmate facility in Brigham City known as the Thiokol Propulsion Headquarters. Speaking at Jimmy Osmond Hall this afternoon, Ron called the prison industry, and Thiokol itself, "one of the most ill-conceived ventures corporations have ever entered into." "The goal of the criminal justice system...
Posted by Webmaster at August 5, 2000

Ron Undercover with the Working Man

Easton, PA: July 11, 2000 Ron is not one to take his campaigning lightly. Recently, as shown in this rare photograph above, Ron made an under cover visit to a factory in rural Easton, Pennsylvania to find out for himself the working conditions and lifestyles of the average American. Disguised without his mustache and under the guise of "Ron the traveling lathe machinist", he slipped seamlessly into the working class of rural America. "Those guys were a bunch of nutbags," Ron explained, "but I really felt a deep sense of love and comradery.. like as if I was an...
Posted by Webmaster at July 11, 2000

Talking 'Bout My Transportation

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: July 7, 2000 "Why should I care/If I have to cut my hair?" Those were the first words out of Pete Townshend's mouth at the Philadelphia stop on the Who's summer tour, and they hammered home the incongruity of the event. "Why should America care about its public transportation?" queried Ron to the press corps before the legendary rockers took the stage at Fidelity Hall. "I took the bus here," said Ron. "How did you come?" Unfortunately, the answer was obvious. The surrounding parking lots were overflowing with the cars that brought the fans, their alcohol, their...
Posted by Webmaster at July 7, 2000
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