Ron on the Campaign Trail 2000

Ron's Route
From this section you can follow Ron as he campaigns across the country.


April 29 & 30
Ronatarian Party Convention Jersey City, NJ "Ronatarian National Convention" - Article


May 14
Local Church Function Trenton, NJ Ron denounces Religion, but not Jesus
May 19-21
Scotts-Tuber Fest 2000 Scottsdale, AZ "The Sticky Kilt Issue" - Article
May 25
Retired Nurses Miami, FL Ron speaks on labor
May 30
PGA Tour Winners Tampa, FL Ron talks on the Living Wage


June 3
Redneck Hall Mobile, AL Ron speaks on Gays and Lesbians
June 5
French Quarter New Orleans, LA "This Ain't No Jambalaya!" - Article
June 7
Public Urinal Little Rock, AR Ron rants about Labor
June 9
NAMBLA Rally (North American Man Boy Love Association) Memphis, TN Ron lectures on Gun Control
June 11
Monster Truck Pull Nashville, TN Ron discusses Democrats and Republicans
June 13
Churchhill Downs Louisville, KY "A Horse Is A Horse, Of Course" - Article
June 16
Mentally Handicapped Youth Gary, ID Ron discusses Tort Reform
June 19
Group Of Unwed Mothers Chicago, IL Ron talks of the plight of the American Indian
June 20
Group Of Female Dairy Farmers Racine, WI Ron discusses Agriculture


July 4
4th of July Celebrations Latrobe, PA Ron speaks of Campaign Finance Reform
July 7
The Who Concert Philadelphia, PA "Talking 'Bout My Transportation" - Article
July 11
Ron At Work Easton, PA "Ron Under Cover With The Working Man" - Article
July 14
Happy Hour New York City, NY Ron gets drunk and talks of Corporations
July 26
Media Moguls Los Angeles, CA Ron speaks on the Media and Children & Youth Issues
July 31
League Of Non-Voters San Diego, CA Ron speaks of his Military Budget plans


August 3
F.A.R.T. (Franco-American Rally for Togetherness) San Francisco, CA Ron discusses his plans on Foreign Policy
August 5
Thiokol Propulsion Headquarters Brigham City, UT "It Doesn't Take A Rocket Scientist" - Article
August 8
Unemployed Rodeo Clowns Cheyenne, WY Ron discusses Fair Trade
August 10
Hummer Rally Omaha, NE Ron lays out his Sustainable Energy Program
August 11
Memorial Hospital Des Moines, IA Ron jaws about Disabilities
August 13
Step-Daughters of the War of 1812 Meeting Kansas City, MO Ron speaks of Immigration
August 31
Girls With Guns Portland, OR Ron talks on Corporations


September 1
Moms Against Dads Eugene, OR Ron speaks on Presidential Debates
September 3
Denny's Restaurant Seattle, WA Ron talks to a waiter and busboy on Healthcare
September 5
Layover on flight from Seattle to Anchorage Charlotte, NC "Charlotte's Web" - Article
September 8
Mortician Group Anchorage, AK Ron delves into the Environmental issues
September 25
L.A.R.D. (Liberators of Americans with Rotund Derrieres) Bar Harbor, ME Ron opines on Whaling
September 28
Phillips Academy Andover, MA "Semper Ubi Sub Ubi" - Article


October 3-4
Presidential Debate Boston, MA "Public Opposes Debate Lock-Out" - Article
October 6
Group Of Compulsive Gamblers Atlantic City, NJ Ron speaks on legalizing gambling (and loses $150 on the slots)
October 9
Columbus Day Parade Columbia, SC Ron performs as Grand Marshall of the parade
October 11
Protest Rally - Debates Winston-Salem, NC "Abstinence Is Best" - Article
October 13
Group of Junior High Cheerleaders Burkittsville, MD Ron declares his plan to eliminate Halloween as a national holiday
October 14
Morrissey Concert London, England Ron celebrates the Battle of Hastings (1066 A.D.)
October 16
Truman Parade Independence, MO Ron berates native son Harry S. Truman
October 17
Outside Debate Center St. Louis, MO "Screwy in St. Louie" - Article
October 21
Ron Attacked! Atlanta, GA "Oh The Humanity" - Article
October 24
Six Flags Great Adventure Atlanta, GA Ron passes out candy and speaks of the evils of not trusting strangers
October 26
Ron Rally Washington, DC "Put Up A Stink" - Article
October 28
University of Delaware's homecoming football game Newark, DE Ron provides baton-twirling display at halftime
October 29
Group of Parapalegics Scranton, PA Ron talks about hands-free cellular use while driving a vehicle
October 31
Finger Painting Exhibition Amityville, NY "Amityville Horror Picture Show" - Article


November 1
Basketball Hall of Fame Springfield, MA Ron speaks on steroid and drug abuse
November 5
Children at Ballet Lessons Taos, NM "The Little Voters" - Article
November 7 -  Election Day
Ron vs Brad Debates Denver, CO "Debate: Ron vs. Brad" - Article
November 7 - Election Day
Democratic Rally San Jose, CA "Revenge" - Article

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