The Ron Apple Experiments, Day 1 - January 9, 2001

This is the original template for the Ron apple experiment - a shiny red Macintosh apple. The true brilliant color doesn't show in this photo, but that's what happens when you get a free digital camera from your ISP. 

The Macintosh Ron is off-white in color and damp. Slight brown splotches form after about a half hour. As shown in the photo shown to the left, this Ron has eyes farther apart than an average Ron, adding to its abstract artistic integrity rivaling the works of Picasso.

The ambient temperature is 66.7 degrees Fahrenheit with an outdoor temperature of 27.9.
Height = 3.13"
Width = 2.88"
Skin - slimy and yummy

There are no foreseen problems to date. This Ron apple was born at approximately 10pm on 1/9/01. He displaces 12 ounces of H20. What will this Ron apple discover for the world of science? Only time will tell.

Tomorrow will yield the creation of a new type of Ron apple. I must consult with my research team before announcing which type. Morale is high.

Posted by Ron at January 9, 2001 09:19 PM

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