The Ron Apple Experiments, Day 2 - January 10, 2001

Ron Yellow Delicious Apple - Day 1
This is a Yellow Delicious apple which serves as our template for the 2nd Ron Apple experiment. Really, it is more yellow that that. You are not looking at a snowball, folks.

To my great surprise this apple, once carved, turned out a color and texture very similar to the Macintosh apple from yesterday. This is truly amazing, as they were completely different colors initially!
This Ron Apple is not as eyeball mutated as the Macintosh, but still.. what's with those googley eyes? Are we trying to say that Ron has the amazing ability to pop his eyes out of his head like that lady on the Guinness Book of World Records TV show? This may have some connection to the great mysteries these Ron apples will unleash.
There are no brown splotches developing yet as in the original. Surely, this Ron is more pure and Caucasian than the other. He is very difficult to photograph due to his glowing skin. Shine on you crazy Ron.

The ambient temperature is 66.0 degrees Fahrenheit with an outdoor temperature of 15.3.
Height = 2.92"
Width = 2.85"
Skin - slimy and delicious

Ron Macintosh Apple - Day 2
This is absolutely amazing! Ron's skin is no longer wet. His skin has developed a thin texturous skin which is cold and squishy when squeezed. The edges have gotten brown in some places. I must say that the skin color has changed completely to a very light doo doo brown. 

Ron's dimensions and volume remain the same. No fruit flies have discovered the wonders of the Ron apple.
It seems content to exist. It is aware of its own existence and therefore does exist. However, there is no way for us to know with absolute certainty of the Ron Apple's awareness without defining a list of predefined criteria about matter, time, etc. However, I don't have time for that right now and will seek the assistance of somebody like Descartes (I sure hope he's not dead yet).
Thus, today's experiments come to an end. Which Ron fruit will tomorrow bring? Some say banana, some say pear, and others say Granny apple. Some of these people are completely out of their minds. Why hasn't anybody ever built a SnowRon?

Posted by Ron at January 10, 2001 09:40 PM

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