The Ron Apple Experiments Day 3 - January 11, 2001

Ron Pear - Day 1
This pear is our third template for the Ron Apple experiments. You may ask why a pear is being used in the apple experiments. In France, a pear is called "poire". A potato is called "pomme de terre" which means "apple of the earth". Since potatoes are squishy like pears, by the transitive property, we can classify the pear in the apple category.

We kept some of the dark skin of the pear to use as Ron's hair and 'stache. It is a spectacle of magnificent beauty. The clammy off-white skin is almost identical to that of the two apples on day 1, but a bit smoother.As you can see, this Ron has a chin problem. Cosmetic surgery was considered, but to maintain the integrity of the experiment was left alone.There are some brownish coloring in the deeper recesses of the cuts, which is common to the Ron Apples.

The ambient temperature is 64.8 degrees Fahrenheit with an outdoor temperature of 30.4.
Height = 3.12"
Width = 2.62"
Skin - moist and smooth.

Ron Macintosh Apple - Day 3
Ron Yellow Delicious - Day 2

Amazingly enough, Ron Macintosh has developed a bumpy brownish skin rash. There is no evidence of a fever, and perhaps this is a completely normal occurrence for a Ron apple. Perhaps it is a type of acne. He's definitely showing more texture than yesterday. A bump on his nose seems to be infected. His dimensions appear to be the same as before.

Day 2 of the Yellow Delicious Ron shows some spectacular deviation from the Ron Macintosh of Day 2. Besides some slight browning in the crevices, he remains only slightly less white than before. Dimensionally, this Ron is the same as yesterday.Which Ron is the dominant male? It is too early to say. The Macintosh looks more weathered and tough, but the Yellow Delicious is more bad assed in the smooth pure pretty boy way of things. Look out behind, for who knows what fruit the Ron Pear will bear.
It's incredible to watch these experiments in action. Much like the apple which fell on Newton's head prompted the discovery of Newtonian physics, the Ron apples will spawn a new era of discovery, perhaps bringing forth Rontonian Metaphysics.

Posted by Ron at January 11, 2001 09:21 PM

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