The Ron apple experiments are a continuation of an original experiment started in 1993 which was aimed towards finding how Ron will look once he is old and shriveled. Political rivals stole the original specimen and the results are still unfound. Several Ron apples will be formed from different types and meticulously observed to discover new and exciting truths about the universe around us. We are on the cutting edge of technological scientific discovery here, folks.

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The Ron Apple Experiments Day 6 - January 14, 2001, The Day of Evil

Ron Macintosh - Day 6 It all started around 11pm when the Macintosh Ron started to emanate an evil red glow. This is straight out of the textbooks. There are witnesses who claim that Ron would glow a blood-like red right before a difficult thermodynamics exam. Some call this persona "Ron, God of Misery". Yellow Delicious Ron - Day 5 Ron Pear - Day 4 As if on cue, the other 2 Rons added their own display of blood thirsty rage. Does this show us that Ron is evil or the prince of darkness? Or perhaps Ron was so...
Posted by Ron at January 14, 2001

The Ron Apple Experiments Day 7 - January 15, 2001

The Ron apple clan seems to have shaken off their red glow and are back to the fun loving, happy Ron apples we have grown to know and love. Macintosh Ron (shown on the left) is looking pretty old these days. He's covered in bumps.and has shrunk from his original height of 3.13" to 2.9". He's textured with brown cracks between the lumps.  Yellow Delicious Ron is still looking young and chipper. He has a few wrinkles, but he's still a white boy. He's shrunken from 2.92" to 2.60". Mr Ron Pear is down from 3.12" to 3.00". He...
Posted by Ron at January 15, 2001

The Ron Apple Experiments Day 8 - January 16, 2001

Amazingly enough, today the Ron apples went through no transformation at all. None. After all the shrinking, turning red, and wrinkling, it seems like they just decided to stop. The Rons like to play and stack atop each other. After a hard day of playing, the Rons took a nice long nap. How this relates to the world of science is unknown at this point. Tomorrow will be full of excitement when the Ron apples go for a swim in the tub. That's right, no more standing around on a bookshelf. I can foresee some great progress in the...
Posted by Ron at January 16, 2001

The Ron Apple Experiments Day 9 - January 17, 2001

Today the Ron apples went for a swim in the sink. Ron pear took a drive straight down to the bottom and banged up his forehead a little. We hope it doesn't permanently scar. We did learn that the Ron Pear stays at the bottom while the other two float.   The Ron Apples mastered the backstroke in no time (without any flailing of limbs). What does this mean in the grand scheme of things? Obviously the Ron with the darkest mustache has attained new submergible technology! In time, we will be able to harness the power of Ron to...
Posted by Ron at January 17, 2001
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