The Ron apple experiments are a continuation of an original experiment started in 1993 which was aimed towards finding how Ron will look once he is old and shriveled. Political rivals stole the original specimen and the results are still unfound. Several Ron apples will be formed from different types and meticulously observed to discover new and exciting truths about the universe around us. We are on the cutting edge of technological scientific discovery here, folks.

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The Ron Apple Experiments Day 688 - November 19, 2002

Everybody has been wondering "what ever happened to the Ron Apple Experiments?" I don't want to give away anything prematurely, but let it be known that a team of scientists in Finland have been working meticulously day and night on the project and we should be getting a report very soon. Here is what the Ron apples look like today. The Ron Pear is looking as ghastly as ever. We see him here with a large knife stuck in his forehead. What does it all mean? Hell if I know. I'm waiting for answers like all of you are....
Posted by Ron at November 19, 2002

The Ron Apple Experiments Day 900 - June 17, 2003

A good 212 days have passed since our last Ron Apple Experiment update. The Finlandish scientists sent the Ron apples back to the states for an important phase in experimentation - what happens when you join the Ron Apples with a Mr. T Chia Pet? And what the hell happened to Dr Tracticus Philosophicus Logicus from Finland's profound discoveries? I'm not allowed to disclose too much information, but Dr Tracticus Logicus Philosophicus called me in the middle of the night to express to me the utter urgency of this phase of experimentation - and today I received the Ron...
Posted by Ron at June 17, 2003

The Ron Apple Experiments Day 901 - June 18, 2003

We're back with another round of experiments. As you can see the Ron Pear has been soaking all night with Mr. T and is ready to proceed. Closer observation shows that the Ron Pear has bloated himself to the extreme - probably in anticipation for what's to come.  Here they are out of the tub, all shined up and ready to rock.  Before the Ron apple's legs fell off, I got this beautiful picture of him before applying the seeds. He's looking a lot like his former self here.   His legs could no longer hold him, so we had...
Posted by Ron at June 18, 2003

The Ron Apple Experiments Day 904 thru 908 - June 21, 2003 thru June 25, 2003

Due to our interrupted service, we had to group five days together. Saturday was the third day after the seeding, and we have yet to see any plumage. Ron Pear seems to be growing some puffy white spots. An omen of things to come? Why of course! It's now sunday (Day 905) and the Ron Pear continues his development. Notice that his broth is starting to resemble the smooth smooth Beamer. Still, there's no sprouting. The Chia instructions said that we should see something by the fourth day, and that's today. What the bloody hell? Do not despair, because...
Posted by Ron at June 25, 2003
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