Celebrities endorse everything from automobiles to douches to candy bars. During election years, they also tend to conspicuously endorse high-profile candidates for public office.

Associating well-known, popular faces with a U.S. Presidential candidate is usually a big boost to a campaign. From Jerry Mathers advocating Adlai Stevenson to Tiny Tim endorsing Ross Perot, there is a modern history of celebrity support in political contests.

Many celebrities have felt the current pulse of the American voter -- who shows dissatisfaction with the major party candidates in 2000. A large number of famous folks have declined to endorse any particular candidate, but many have put stock in Ron.

While a few had rubbed elbows with Ron before -- from his years as a Lucent Technologies engineer -- many others have recently hopped on board the campaign in support of their new icon. In fact, a major New York "think tank" (Welsh & Snyder, Inc.) has created an entire marketing effort where celebrities can show their support of Ron through the "Ron's Mustache" ad campaign.

Ron's Mustache is a way for well-known faces to sport a Ron-like mustache to show their support of the Ronatarian Party candidate. You may have seen these images at bus stops, in smutty magazines, or at your local grocery store. From musicians to actors to athletes, the Ron's Mustache ad campaign covers it all. The ad campaign has become so popular, that celebrities from far and wide are lining up to stick a mustache on their lips and speak out for Ron.

Yet, other celebrities and notables tend to shy away from the spotlight where their personal lives and beliefs are concerned. While hundreds openly support Ron, they choose not to pose in the Ron's Mustache series of photographs. Instead, they spend more quality time with Ron and create some press opportunities through other means.

Ron would like to extend his humble thanks to his famous friends for their love and their devotion to his endeavor to become the next great American President.

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