Q: Does Ron think the Mayas accurately predicted the end of the world to come on December 21, 2012? If so, what does he plan to do about it?


A: The simple answer -- i.e. the one Brad understands -- is no. Ron does not believe the Mayas had a solid enough dialog with Itzamna, the chief deity of their religious pantheon, plus an accurate enough time-recording system to pull off a prognostication like this one.

"It's absurd," Ron once said. "Only a simpleton like Brad would believe this kind of hokum. We humans will be fine and dandy for at least another thousand years or so. F*ck the Mayas!"

So, what to do with this new (extended) perspective on life? How should we of the modern age celebrate?

Once again, Ron has your answer: "Drink!"

"You can dismiss all of the hocus pocus and celebrate the arrival of 2012. But if you want to pay tribute to the Mayas, propose a toast at midnight to the god of wine Acan. His name actually means 'belch' so be sure to let 'em rip at 12:01!"

Happy New Year!

Posted by Bittle at December 31, 2011 04:05 PM