Ron on Campaign Finance Reform

Mr. Burns"I think public campaigns in the United States should be privately financed from the coffers of foreign allies, like France and New Zealand," Ron declared in a 4th of July speech in Latrobe, Pennsylvania. The vested interests of our nation would then be at the hands of our capable foreign allies. "We're not taking PAC money. We're not using soft money. We're going for individual contributions here," explained Ron to a stunned crowd. "We will put America first by letting competitor nations influence our course of actions." Ron expects ample and active participation from other countries for presidential and congressional campaigns. But when fiduciary support for state and local elections drops below a certain operating threshold, the U.S. government would create a public money pool in that community for all the candidates to use. No private funds would be used. Ron likened some of the European campaign ads to the popular Mentos commercials seen here and abroad. "That doesn't necessarily mean I am 'The Freshmaker'," quipped Ron, "but it may mean that I am 'Fresh and full of life'!" This projected plan would also take a chunk out of our ever-increasing international trade deficit, with foreigners swapping cash for political favors.

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