Ron on Children and Youth Issues


"I believe the children are our future/Teach them well and let them lead the way/Show them all the beauty they possess inside/Give them a sense of pride/To make it easier/Let the children's laughter/Remind us how we used to be." These are the words of Whitney Houston's The Greatest Love. If Ron could hold a tune, he would definitely not be singing this song. While bleeding-hearts and child welfare supporters may buy into this crap, Ron is wary of the youth of America. He knows that their skateboarding and Pokemon-doting ways will yield nothing but headaches and boy bands for our nation. "You can obviously see how our children are not learning enough Eritrean history, classical Latin, and theoretical physics...they're not even learning how to write," said Ron to a Sitcom Writers Guild in Hollywood, California. "Their attention span is being shrunk to less than that of a Bittle Bug by all this lousy entertainment on TV and in movies." Ron feels that repairing our schools and improving our infrastructure would be too costly. He has other ideas. The copyrights for these ideas are still being processed. Ron will try to have them released by Election Day.

Posted by Webmaster at September 28, 2000 05:36 PM