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Ron on the EnviRonment

From his pioneering work to raise awareness of the problems of global warming to protecting and saving America's natural treasures, Ron has an imaginary track record of action and leadership in protecting our environment. Ron is committed to a new era of environmental protection if elected President. The outdated current federal model of "mandate, regulate, and litigate" needs to be modernized. While it has yielded benefits in the past, it encourages Americans to do the bare minimum to protect the environment and fails to reward innovation or positive results. Ron alleges to having a plan to promote more livable...
Posted by Webmaster at September 25, 2000

Ron on the Media

"The media is an evil concentration of power spewing its venomous views of the world on an ignorant America," Ron stated at a gathering of media moguls in July. "The voice of the people is not being expressed!" Ron feels that the only good news/information comes from cable access television programs like "What's that smell?" and "Gordon's chum and bait" (Channel 4 in Lakehurst, NJ). Ron feels that it is wrong to have one company owning 500+ radio stations, whereas before 1996 (with the passing of the Telecommunications Act) it was illegal to own more than 12. Six major media...
Posted by Webmaster at September 20, 2000

Ron on the Military Budget

Thirty to forty U.S. troops are stationed in Europe and East Asia, fighting in bars, sustaining local prostitution rings, and learning to "ask, not tell". Ron queried to the League of Non-Voters, "Couldn't we afford to use these people elsewhere?" Ron's plan is to eliminate the U.S. military and hire a mercenary militia comprised of Swiss, Amish, and Quaker forces. The money saved would be a boon to the economy. This falls under Ron's military plan to "wage peace" on dastardly foreign dictators like Tony Blair. These special forces would wage peace with rigorous pacifism, mediation, and no weaponry....
Posted by Webmaster at September 19, 2000
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