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"Come on down, and meet your maker/Come on down, and make the stand." -- "The Stand" by The Alarm, from the album Declaration.

So what exactly does Ron stand for? He firmly believes that breakfast cereals aren't just for breakfast anymore. He distrusts baseball players because they use their bats for sport rather than as weapons. He is on a personal campaign to eliminate all of the Burger King restaurants in America.

Those are just a few samplings of the many things Ron stands for. He is a leader for the new millennium with a comprehensive plan for tomorrow. His platform reflects his inner convictions. He will do no "Platform Diving" by changing policy once in office...he leaves that to Olympians.

Whether it be his stance on foreign policy, taxation, or campaign finance reform, Ron offers his best effort to the American public. "It is of the utmost importance that people cut through the 'jibba jabba' spewed forth by my opponents and look to me for true leadership."

Ron invites the public to examine his platform issues and delve into their nuances. He is convinced that his ideas and programs will attract themselves to the voting populace of these United States.

"Be my guest."

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