This is some of Brad's favorite poetry. We'd like to thank for giving us permission to continue publishing a lot of the brilliant poetry found here.


Beer, wine and spirits too
Of all, I like the brew

Covered in foam and cascading with bubbles, it's time to relax, and forget all my troubles

I can go to the Pub,to pick up some ales, then listen to friends as we recount some old tales

I may sit on porch with a porter or stout, and ponder what life is really about

I can lie on the grass, the beach or the dock as I soak up some sun with a lager or bock

There are so many option of things I might do with an ice cold brew!

So come all ye friends both old and new, let's raise our glasses to the miracle of brew!

- by Brian Herlihy

Posted by Bittle at September 12, 2008


Afternoon drinkers
Laugh from the streetside tables
As masses trudge by

(Captain Hops)

Posted by Bittle at September 4, 2008


A woman I met at this country & western bar said
she wanted to take me home and ride me like a cowgirl
on a bucking bronco. She wasn't very good, though; I was
able to throw her off every time in less than 10 seconds.


Posted by Bittle at August 29, 2008


Oh, come on. If we only had sex with
people we actually respected, most us
would even have to give up masturbating.

(The Covert Comic)

Posted by Bittle at August 21, 2008


I probably would have enjoyed the massage's
"happy ending" more had all those mall
patrons not started hovering around my chair.

(Brad Simanek)

Posted by Ron's Dentist at August 20, 2008


I shot a man in Reno, just to watch him die.
But then he got better and sued me. During
the trial, we gained a grudging respect for
one another and, eventually, became close friends.
Until I bludgeoned him to death. In Lake Tahoe.

(Bob Van Voris)

Posted by Bittle at August 17, 2008


Remember: Today is the first day of the rest
of what you're optimistically calling a life.

(Jerry L. Embry)

Posted by Bittle at August 11, 2008


Clowns to the left of me, jokers to the right,
here I am: stuck in the cafeteria line at the
Academy of Comedic Performing Arts with you.

(The Covert Comic)

Posted by Bittle at July 27, 2008


Mom always said, "I hate you! Your father
wouldn't have left if it weren't for you!
You were an accident!" I used to cry,
but deep down I know that if it weren't
for Mom's tough love, I never would've
gotten the courage to shoot that fifth
cop and make it all the way to Panama.

(Jacqui Kennelly)

Posted by Bittle at July 25, 2008