Bite the Bullet

Bite the Bullet

Jersey City, New Jersey, November 2, 2005:

Was the pig a victim of a drive-by shooting? That's one theory to explain how a bullet wound up in Ronatarian Party official Brad's pork loin casserole.

He said there was no mistaking the projectile's distinct shape in the pork loin he bought at an ACME grocery store.

Brad is a vocal fan of all pork products.

All meat is scanned with a metal detector before reaching ACME shelves, said Dwayne Stewart, spokesman for the company in New Jersey.

It's not clear how the scanners missed the bullet -- or how the bullet got in the pork loin in the first place.

Stewart said someone may have fired into a herd of grazing livestock.

According to the National Pork Association, professional slaughterhouses don't shoot animals, for employee safety and meat quality concerns.

Brad said he was satisfied with a $10 dollar refund and another fresh pork loin from ACME.

He said he didn't plan to sue because no one got hurt.

Posted by Bittle at November 2, 2005 08:14 AM