Breaking the Main

Breaking the Main

Jersey City, New Jersey, June 10, 2004:

Sewage from backed-up bathroom pipes burst through the ceiling of Ronatarian Party headquarters and ran down the walls, forcing the evacuation of the office.

"I've been complaining about the condition of this building for some time," the party's presidential candidate Ron said Wednesday. "Perhaps some people think I've been crying wolf. Where are they now? 'Wolf,' huh?!?"

The city's health department ordered the building closed and evacuated because it was "unsafe for human habitation," Mayor Glenn Cunningham's office said. The building has had the sewage problem for two months, the statement said.

When the leak began Wednesday, workers in the building took important documents for upcoming political rallies and went to a nearby middle school, where they will work until the problem can be fixed. No health problems or injuries were reported.

The clean-up is expected to take less than a week.

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