High Tech Beer

Jersey City, New Jersey: April 4, 2002 Drink up that beer -- another will soon be whisked to the table thanks to a hi-tech pint glass that tells bar staff when it needs refilling. Developed by former Ronatarian presidential candidate Ron, the intelligent glass is fitted with a radio-frequency coil in its base and emits a signal to a receiver set in the table when it's empty, Mustached Scientists of American magazine reported Thursday. The iWannaBeer system works by coating each glass with a clear, conducting material, enabling it to measure exactly how much liquid has been sipped or guzzled. When empty, the glass sends an electronic cry for more beer from the table to waiters equipped with hand-held computers on frequencies similar to those used by mobile phones. Working in his garage laboratory in New Jersey, Ron made the first prototypes with the thought of selling the idea to Great Britain. "It sounds like a fun idea, but I don't think it would work in our pubs," said a spokesman for J.D. Wetherspoon, which runs over 500 pubs in Britain. "The tradition in Britain is to get up and go to the bar for a round of drinks, not to have a waiter bring beers to the table, no matter how quickly," he said. "They say that now, but they will come around when they fully realize the power of my invention," Ron said from Montreal. Ron is in the Canadian city on a weeklong promotional tour. When asked by the press why Ron would not consider first promoting the invention in his native U.S. or in neighboring Canada, Ron scoffed at the notion as "amateurish" and stormed out of the room.

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