El Dorado, Arkansas: April 15, 2002 The Old West clashed with the world's largest retailer when two horsemen rode their mounts through a Wal-Mart in the southern Arkansas town of El Dorado, police say. The horses left a pile of droppings and a wake of startled shoppers but did no other damage despite getting well into the food section. Wal-Mart Stores Inc., the world's largest retailer, is based in the northern Arkansas town of Bentonville. "We get some weird stuff down here," Lt. Terry Ward of the El Dorado police said. Former Ronatarian presidential and vice-presidential candidates Ron and Brad were arrested on the scene of the Sunday stunt, which was reported in state newspapers on Wednesday. Both men were free on bond and due back in court later this month on charges of public intoxication and creating a disturbance. Both refused to comment on the matter. Ward said sheriff's deputies spotted the two men on horseback in the store's parking lot and attempted to persuade them to leave. Instead, the famous horsemen steered their animals into the Wal-Mart and through the food aisles before they were arrested. There was no word on their motive. El Dorado is a city of 26,000 people located 12 miles north of the Louisiana border.

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