Pouring Gas on the Fire

Pouring Gas on the Fire

Jersey City, New Jersey, October 7, 2004:

If you can't stand the heat, don't pour gasoline down the toilet. An apartment tenant made that $10,000 mistake Wednesday.

Ronatarian vice presidential candidate Brad came home for lunch and found gas leaking from the tank of his car -- a tricked out Dodge Neon. He caught the gas, and decided to dispose of it by dumping it down the toilet.

But the pilot light of a water heater ignited the fumes, causing a small explosion. The blast destroyed the porcelain toilet, and the intense heat from the flames melted the remaining pieces.

Brad was able to get out of the home before the fire spread.

Ronatarian presidential candidate Ron offered to put up his running mate at his residence while Bradís housing situation is being rectified.

"I wish this was the first time something like this has happened," sighed Ron. "He owes me big time."

Officials said gasoline and kerosene should never be poured into the drain or toilet or sewer system.

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