Wallet Chain

Wallet Chain

Jersey City, New Jersey, June 23, 2004:

Police say a Jersey City man was robbed early Tuesday after he answered the door in the nude. The man -- later identified as Ronatarian Party vice presidential candidate Brad -- told police he had been sleeping unclothed before he answered a knock at the door. Assailants overpowered him, hit him on the head, yelled "Bonadio!" and ran out with his wallet and blue jeans.

Brad chased after the assailants and fell down the stairs.

According to the police log, an officer checked out a report of a naked man lying by the stairs at an apartment building and found a trail of blood leading to the man's room.

Police Lt. David Walton said the man was taken by ambulance to nearby Newark Hospital where he was given stitches for a head wound and released.

Police found a pair of blue jeans in a parking lot. The report said an undisclosed number of suspects had taken the wallet. There was also no explanation of the "Bonadio!" scream. It is apparently a dead end lead.

No further information surrounding the case was available and Brad refused to comment.

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