What do some of our world leaders think about Ron? Below you will find some commentary, some of which is not very favorable to our candidate.

"They'll get what's coming to them when I get in the big chair." - Ron

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Abdullah Gul [Turkish Premier]

"You look fine, Gully ... wait, can they see that we are holding hands?" "They said it was mustard yellow, but damn it, it looks like camel puke!" "Maybe I'm too sensitive, but I wish Ron would stop poking fun at my small ears." "Oy, Ron, for the last time, I AM NOT JEWISH." "Morons.... I'm surrounded by bloody morons." "Open the doors, and CRUSH all the people." "God, I hate this tie"...
Posted by Webmaster at November 9, 2003

Fidel Castro [Cuba]

"Ron has flat and hairy buttocks.  True leadership demands a smoother, rounder ass." "Up yours, Ron. " "Ron is big loser."...
Posted by Webmaster at November 3, 2003

Hugo Chavez [Venezuela]

"If I had an award winning mustache like Ron, the people would fear me." "Large boobs.  Ron taught me how to appreciate them.  Venezuela will strive to have bigger and better boobs." "Ron had me at 'Hey dude'.  He completes me."  "Then I showed Ron my 'rock', clearly defeating his 'scissors'."...
Posted by Webmaster at November 9, 2003

Jacques Chirac [France]

"Ron is silly english pigdog.  He taunt us french people.  Think he..how do you say..big great leader." "We will no surrender to Ron.  He will never become America president.  We French have nothing to fear from that pomplemousse."  "Ron once flick booger at me.  At me!  President of France! "...
Posted by Webmaster at November 9, 2003

King Gyanendra [Nepal]

"Ron tried to offer me monopoly money for my beautiful wife Queen Komal.  He even had the audacity to use his left hand when handing it over!" "Then Ron pointed his foot at my sacred monkey.  His offensiveness holds no bounds.  Ron is no longer allowed inside my castle! "...
Posted by Webmaster at November 9, 2003

Tony Blair [Britain]

"...and the lack of fibre in an Englishman's diet bloody well sucks!" "My thumb represents the size of Ron's knob." "And that's when Ron took my virginity!" "I know I can... I know I can.... Blimey!  Now there goes Ron's toupe!" "Hail Ron!  (Too bad I lost use of my other fingers in those altar boys' bums)"...
Posted by Webmaster at November 9, 2003

Vladimir Putin [Russia]

"Listen to this, Vlad...Ron had the audacity to pull my finger without first asking! By the many arms of Durga, he will be vanquished!" "I'm sick and tired of playing phone tag with you, Ron." "Every step you take, every move you make, I'll be watching Ron...and that pansy Sting!" "If only my mother loved me as much as Ron promised Brad would..." "Ron tried to push that dildo up my ass, but he only got it in this far. What a capitalist weakling!"...
Posted by Bittle at October 12, 2016

Yasser Arafat [Palestine]

"Back here is where Ron put his tongue... and I liked it." ".. and the wine was delicious!" "You must be gentle when you massage the scrotum." "Feel the inner peace of a boy's buttocks... Praise Allah!" "Kiss me you fool." "Personally I don't care who wins.  To me it's six of one, and half dozen of Ron's mother... er, other... I mean other.  And Ron's mom should be added to my harem."...
Posted by Webmaster at November 9, 2003
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