March 18, 2000

Ron and Nancy

Ron and Nancy

This is the current Ron for President '2000 poster (created 3/18/00). In this snapshot, Ron got together with another Ron's wife to create this splendid photo.

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March 17, 2000

Is This An Authentic Poster Representing Ron's Dark Political Affiliations?

Russian Ron

I think that we all panicked there when Ed found that pro-Russian poster with Ron's image distinctly displayed. But, fear not. I did some research at the Russian Organization of Nationalist-Populist Origami Paper Exhibitionists (RON-POPE) and found some discrepancies. It turns out that the poster was made in 1947, after World War II and during the de-militarization of Europe. Hence, that image cannot be Ron, as Ron was begotten in the 1970s. Thus, it must be a distant ancestor of our leader. Since heritage has no place in US Presidential elections, I think we are safe to promote our candidate at a fever pitch. This cannot hurt him. And since the poster was created during a time of de-militarization, it is anti-war and pro-nationalist. No one can argue with ultra-nationalist zealots, right?

We need to discover and promote our candidate's platform on such issues as gun control, abortion, sports betting, national defense, foreign policy, laces or velcro, healthcare, and national beverage. We can promote Brad as the person who invented internet porn and his VP stock will rise. We are on to something here people.

"Ron for President - When Nothing Else Matters"

-M. Logothetis 3/17/00

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