April 11, 2001

The Ron Apple Experiments Day 94 - April 11, 2001

As you can see, our technology has improved. Thanks to a generous donation from Captain Lou Albano.

Our yellow delicous Ron remains the youngest looking of all our experiments. Some say that this apple looks like Brad with a mustache. Could this be one of the missing links in our experiments?

Ron macintosh can be seen in all his immaculate beauty here. Note the distinguished wrinkles. Looks a bit like Reagan, doesn't he? Ron insists that he is a vast improvement over Reagan, although he agrees with his support of George Lucas's films.

When brightly illuminated, we can truly see the Ron Pear's resemblance to a charred corpse. From the side, notice that Ron looks like the state of Florida. I think we see a trend here, people. I'll allow Captain Lou to explain...

"It is no coincidence that these Ron apple specimens bear resemblance to Brad, Reagan, and Florida. Certainly we know of Ron and Brad's struggles against winning the state of Florida. It looks to me like they should steer clear of Florida next time. Or perhaps it is just showing what old rotting dead people in Florida look like. Hell, I don't know."

Next in our experiments we will have to put the Rons to greater tests, rather than just observing them. Great things indeed will be discovered.

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I wish I were less awkward around
strangers. I never know what to say
when someone asks me who I am and what
the hell I'm doing in their house.

-from Ruminate.com

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