December 23, 2001

Brad the Game

(Brad the Game Brad the Game Self explanatory.

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December 18, 2001

Devil in a Blue Dress

December 18, 2001: Toronto, Canada Toronto's best-known drag queen, famous for six-inch heels, slinky dresses, and a failed bid to become the city's mayor, said on Thursday she wanted to enter the U.S. presidential race in some capacity. "I am a supermodel for a super party," said Enza 'Supermodel" Anderson. "I don't care what you call me but please put in supermodel." The "super party" Anderson referred to is the grassroots Ronatarian Party, led by founder Ron. While less than 2-years-old, the Ronatarian Party has grown exponentially in membership and in public awareness, even across the U.S.-Canadian border. The American-born 37-year-old, who has worked as a singer in Toronto's largely gay Church St. district, launched her campaign at Toronto City Hall wearing a short maroon dress, her signature stilettos, a blond wig, and bright red lipstick. Dismissing the Republicans as "racist, supporting bigoted attitudes, and an anti-gay stance," she said the party would need to become more diverse to beat the Democrats in the future. She added that the Democrats weren't much better with their "snooty attitudes and small packages." She pointed to the Ronatarian Party as a progressive one, serving the needs of the people first. "I am the one to do what needs to be done to help the Ronatarian Party rise to the American political scene," said Anderson, who prefers to be called a "she." "As a new member of the Ronatarians, I plan to unite the opposition with [our] policies. Let me tell 'ya, there are a lot of sexy MCs (members of Congress) I'd like to unite right now. I want to eventually become the leader [of the Ronatarian Party], dictate policy, and make the party a major contributor to American politics." Ron, and his political machine, came in a poor fifth to the Republicans, Democrats, Reforms, and Greens in last year's national election. The party will next year vote in a new leader -- or perhaps reelect outgoing leader Ron, who may quit to allow for a leadership race. But Anderson's platform may not match the tough-on-sanity Ronatarians. She wants affordable housing, better public transport, and decriminalization of marijuana and prostitution. "We like her third platform plank," commented Ron, "but we'll have to educate her on we do things here in the Ronatarian Party. She may not be accepted right away...especially in that dress!" "Why is it that when a drag queen runs for office, people consider it a joke? But if [Ron] shows up in a wet suit or if the president of the United States shows up in a dinghy, it's considered serious and worthy of national attention," she said, referring to recent media pictures of national leaders. Anderson, who says her political platform is "much more than my six-inch heels," sashayed into politics last November and won 15,000 votes in the Toronto mayoralty race. That placed her third on a slate of 25 candidates for the job, won -- as expected -- by flamboyant Mel Lastman. Ron, quoted in the National Post newspaper earlier this month, refused to rule out any potential candidate from waving his party flag. "We're a very open party," Ron said. "I'm just pleased that we continue to attract people from across the spectrum."

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December 17, 2001

Peeping Ron

December 17, 2001: Tampa, FL A man sentenced to probation for using a tiny video camera in his sneakers to peek up women's skirts also used the "sneakercam" to ogle women at his probation office, prosecutors told a Florida court. The allegations came to light during a hearing on Tuesday after the defendant -- former presidential candidate Ron -- was arrested a second time on voyeurism charges, the Tampa Tribune reported on Wednesday. Ron, the mustached former politico, was first arrested last May 18 on a misdemeanor voyeurism charge at a Wal-Mart store in Plant City, Florida, near Tampa. Police said the New Jersey vacationer wired a camera hidden in his sneaker to a video recorder he carried in a bag, using it to peek up women's skirts. He was sentenced to 12 months' probation, which was terminated early, in September. Sheriff's deputies arrested him again on voyeurism and stalking charges in November at a flea market where he was again accused of using his sneakercam to look up women's skirts. Investigators seized 45 videotapes from him, some four hours long, and were still reviewing them. At the hearing on Tuesday, prosecutors said Ron had also used his shoe camera to ogle women at a church, apparently while serving 25 hours of court-ordered community service related to the first charge. "It's worse than that," Assistant State Attorney Dean Tsourakis told the judge. "He was doing it at the probation office -- for instance, the cashier at the probation office." "That just really strikes me as really being wRONg," replied Hillsborough County Circuit Judge Walter Heinrich, who refused Ron's request to lower his $75,000 bail. Ron's political machine, the Ronatarian Party, refused to comment on the charges and denied media acess to their man.

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December 05, 2001

Mixed Signals

December 5, 2001: Rome, NY Rome, New York -- A celebrity cameraman who got a little over-eager while filming a women's volleyball game was ejected from the arena by the referee after he appeared to zoom in on more than just the ball. Former presidential candidate Ron was asked to be a celebrity cameraman (ala the NBA on NBC) and quickly jumped at the opportunity. "I love women's athletics," Ron said in cold sweat. "So nice." Following complaints from the players that he was focusing on body parts that had nothing to do with volleyball, and four warnings from the referee, the guest cameraman for MTV television was told to switch off his camera and leave. Ron argued that he had just been doing his job at the weekend game between club teams Marini and Vajina, while a spokesman for MTV Sports said on Monday it was all about full coverage. "In volleyball communication is not always verbal," he said. "Sometimes the players use certain gestures -- for example touching their lower back to send messages. That's all our cameraman was filming." "Yeah! That's it!" exclaimed Ron. "They were...uh...sending signals. Ummmm....they were...touching each other and...uh...they were sending signals."

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December 04, 2001


December 4, 2001: Hoboken, NJ A local New Jersey celebrity has sued a Hoboken-area strip club, claiming he was injured by a "reckless" exotic dancer who kicked him in the head. Former presidential candidate Ron is seeking unspecified damages from the Bennett Motor Inn, claiming it was negligent in not posting prominent signs warning the public of the risk of sitting too close to the stage. Ron was in the club on November 27, 2001 when a female dancer swung around a pole and kicked him, fracturing his nose, according to the lawsuit filed on Wednesday in New Jersey Supreme Court. The mustached man's lawsuit also seeks damages from the dancer, identified only as "Dixie Dynamite," for allegedly "dancing in a negligent and reckless manner." Asked to comment on his lawsuit, Ron refused to make a statement and referred all questions to his legal team of Sepe & Shea.

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