September 27, 2011


You won't find the answers to life's
problems at the bottom of a bottle. You
get to them through the opening at the top.

(The Covert Comic)

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September 26, 2011

Inflatable Ego

Inflatable Ego

Jersey City, New Jersey, September 26, 2011:

A man who has been repeatedly arrested for public indecency faces a new charge after an incident during the weekend. New Jersey-based politico Brad was arrested on public indecency charges after cops caught him having sex with an inflatable raft, police said.

The Ronatarian Party number two man was arrested at his home in Jersey City early Sunday after he was spotted in the bizarre act in a nearby alley, the New Jersey Spew reported.

The owner of the raft told Jersey City Police Officer Matt White he shouted at the suspect to stop.

"The witness stated the defendant appeared to be having sex with the raft due to the fact that his pants were down around his ankles," police wrote in the report.

Brad pulled up his pants and fled with the raft, the report states. Police said he confessed.

"The defendant advised officers that he was doing it but only because he has a problem and that he needs help and please don't send him to prison but send him somewhere to get help," the police report stated.

Brad had been arrested at least five times for similar offenses, most recently in 2010, the newspaper said.

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September 15, 2011


Whenever people say "If you're going to
move to a new country, learn the language!"
I just stay quiet. I would say something, but
I don't know the Cherokee word for "irony."

(Carl Knorr)


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September 06, 2011


My wife wasn't too thrilled to open her Bible and
discover penciled-in Commandment 7a: "(However, when
thou art traveling on business, thou shalt heed the
sage advice of My musical apostle, Stephen Stills.)"

(Mark D. Sabien)

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