June 20, 2012


It's sad to think that kids of today's generation
probably have no idea that Prince used to be
known as "the artist formerly known as Prince."

(Kim Moser) @ruminate.com

Posted by Ron's Dentist at 09:50 PM

June 05, 2012

Pack a Lunch Fit for Ron

Pack a Lunch Fit for Ron

June 5, 2012:

Brad often asks Ron if his mustache is indeed a "flavor savor" after a meal. Typically, Ron dismisses such asinine remarks and goes about his day. But food trapped in a mustache has inspired a product that Ron has put his stamp of approval on: Lunch Disguise Sandwich Bags.

These uniquely designed sandwich bags honor the mustache's historical and obvious pairing with food. Ron loves them. He endorses them. He packs his PB&J in them. He expects you to do the same.

Buy them. Use them. Buy more of them. (Ron has a stock in the company who manufactures the bags.)

- Bittle

Posted by Bittle at 09:20 AM