December 27, 2013


I was visited by three ghosts this Christmas.
They were all family members, and technically
they were all still alive, but I just find it
comforting to imagine they're already deceased.

(Anthony Myers)


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December 21, 2013

Mustache Socks

Mustache Socks

December 21, 2013:

On this last shopping weekend before Christmas, we here at Ron4President Headquarters want to ask you -- the Ron supporter -- a question: Do you need more leg hair?

The answer is, obviously, yes!

How best to do it?

Well, buy a pair of mustache socks for you and your loved ones. These beauties will keep your tootsies warm and your support of Ron visible. Buy them as gifts. Buy them for yourself. Wear them. Make sock puppets out of them. Buy more of them. (Full disclosure: Ron owns stock in the sock and hosiery distribution center that mails out the socks.)

Merry Christmas!

- Bittle

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December 17, 2013


Some of my neighbors have commented
that the creative positioning of holiday
figurines in my yard is vulgar and
sacrilegious. I, however, would like
to think the more enlightened of them
would appreciate my "pre-Nativity" display.

(Mark D. Sabien)

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