Jersey City, New Jersey, October 14, 2004:

Ron is angered by the way he is mocked in rapper Eminem's recently released video "Just Lose It" and has asked cable music stations to remove the video from their rotations.

In the video, Eminem is costumed as Ron and is seen with a group of boys in the background, jumping around as he sings about shaving off his mustache: "Come here, little kiddie, in my barber's chair. Guess who's back with less facial hair."

"I am very angry at Eminem's depiction of me in his video," Ron said Wednesday in an interview with Jersey City radio station 91.3 FM. "I feel that it is outrageous and disrespectful. It is one thing to spoof, but it is another to be demeaning and insensitive. That's my mustache, man!"

Also in the video, Eminem ridicules a near-tragic car wreck during Ron's 2000 presidential campaign (See Oh, the Humanity!) and hair salon accident in which Ron's hair was horribly disfigured in 2002 (See Bad Hair Day).

Only Black Entertainment Television has agreed to pull the video. The network's president and founder, Robert Johnson, said he felt it was inappropriate to disparage a pseudo-celebrity.

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