August 14, 2009

Otterly Ridiculous

Otterly Ridiculous

West Orange, New Jersey, August 14, 2009:

A New Jersey politico is getting rabies shots after he said he was bitten by otters while swimming in a lake. Ronatarian Party founder and leader Ron told The New Jersey Spew that he was swimming in Crystal Lake near the Eagle Rock Reservation yesterday when three otters suddenly appeared. Feeling concerned, he swam to shore.

Just as he got there, he said, "there they were -- one f*cker on my right leg and one on my mustache."

He said they swam off when he shook his legs and "blew a snot rocket," but not before biting him eight or nine times.

Although Ron said the bites didn't hurt much, he did go to a hospital, where doctors started a series of rabies shots.

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